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9 09 2009

For now, this blog will document my travels around Englandshire (with a detour into Wales), staying with friends, meeting far-flung friends just for lunch or tea and a bun, photographing stained glass windows, and visiting two of Antony Gormley’s public works of art.

Once I’ve done that, this blog might become something else.  But this is its beginning.

I’ll add to my itinerary on a daily basis (if I’m not too knackered from travelling) and I might even have a few maps and charts to add.  There will definitely be photos.  Watch this space.




8 responses

9 09 2009
Mandy Winter

Looking forward to seeing you on your travels 😀

10 09 2009

Thanks Mandy – looking forward to seeing you too! 😀

11 09 2009

Hey ho, let’s go.

11 09 2009

Which literary/artistic journey will this most resemble? Three Men in a Boat? Gullibers Travels? That Goerge Orwell thing? Answers on e-postcard to Auntie P.

11 09 2009

I’ll be following you here and on Twitter AND flickr of course.

12 09 2009

i look forward to you journey

12 09 2009

Looking forward to the pics. You picked a good time for this weather-wise!

14 09 2009

and so it begins…what wonderful photographs, I love the rays of the sun the colour is amazing…looking forward to the weekend, drive safely x

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