Day 4 – Tue 15 Sept

18 09 2009

Before I start on Day Four’s exploits I need to mention something I forgot yesterday.  Towards the end of shooting the windows at Ewell I noticed a big speck through the lens of my SLR.  I had changed the lens earlier and there had been a gust of wind, but everything seemed to be ok.  I checked the previous photos and they were speck free.  I guess it had just fallen onto the mirror (it was stuck underneath the bit covering the mirror and I couldn’t blow it away, though I could see it clearly (not through the viewfinder).

Golden Images, Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey. Very helpful to me. Buy lots of stuff from him if youre passing.

Golden Images, Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey. Very helpful to me. Buy lots of stuff from him if you're passing.

We stopped off in Worcester Park so that Stephen could go to the bank and I could find a camera shop I’d Googled.  The shop I wanted was shut down but luckily I saw another across the road.  At first I thought I wouldn’t be lucky because it seemed to be selling just photo frames, but when I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he had a puffer/blower so I could get something off my SLR mirror he was incredibly helpful and produced a can of air and did it for me – no charge, just asked that I pray for him next time I was in church.  I explained that I was on my way to a church, and why I was in Surrey and we had a good chat about photography and cameras etc.  Lovely guy, very knowledgeable (not sure if the wedding photos in the shop were his, but he said his father was a professional photographer).  Highly recommended.  Golden Images.

This ferret and her sister go to Medieval Re-enactment events. Very friendly.

This ferret and her sister go to Medieval Re-enactment events. Very friendly.

Now … Day Four …

If you recall, I’d stayed the night with Fi and Nick at Romsey.  Not quite sure what time I left but it was still morning – before 11am I think.  This was after meeting their ferrets and photographing some wood textures in their garden.  The plan was to go for lunch and a stroll in Bath and then continue on to Cardiff.

I’d realised that my route would take me near to Stonehenge and as I saw a few signs along the way I pondered that I might have been more sensible to include it on this part of the journey instead of at the very end.  No matter – I decided to carry on as I had Sean Connery (sat nav) programmed for the car park in Bath.

I drove around a bend in the road and was gobsmacked to see Stonehenge right there in front of me.  It really took my breath away.  I’d never set eyes on it before (almost always done the route between the south and Wales by train) so it was very unexpected  – a real Wow! moment.  Of course I couldn’t drive past – I turned off the road to see it.

I could see that it was more than £6 to get in and I thought maybe I’d still come back at the end of the trip, in the hope of finer weather.  So I joined English Heritage.  I got the student rate and because I signed up for a direct debit I got 15 months instead of 12.  The chap told me I could also take up to six under 19 year olds with me for free – NO THANKS!!

I was a bit concerned, having heard from people that Stonehenge was smaller than they expected it to be, and that you weren’t allowed close to it – but it was ok.  It was about the size I thought it would be and on one side you are really close to it.  I would prefer to see it open for people to be able to walk among the stones and to sit on them, etc though.  After all, it’s been standing there for thousands of years and even though it’s a bit dilapidated nowadays, it really doesn’t matter and it’s hardly going to erode into sand overnight.  But that’s another, and big discussion.

It was very cold and windy out there and rained fleetingly twice – enough to un-straighten my hair.  Still not sure if I’ll try to go back at the end of the trip, or if I’ll try for somewhere else now that I’ve seen it.

Lady-Hare on Dog by Sophie Ryder at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Lady-Hare on Dog by Sophie Ryder at the Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

I did manage to get to Bath – lunch was a late (3pmish) bowl of cheesy chips and a welcome mug of tea in the Guildhall Marketplace, where I bought two shawl/scarves.  Then I needed the loo and was directed to the Art Gallery around the corner – free entry.  As soon as I walked in I was intrigued by a sculpture in the foyer.  A quick glance at the programme of exhibitions told me it was by Sophie Ryder.  I went in to the reception area (toilet needs forgotten) to ask where her exhibition was in the building.  I’d missed it – it had ended in June.  However I had a great chat with the woman on the desk who enthused about her work and I bought a couple of postcards and a half-price programme from the exhibition. The gallery had bought the piece that was in the foyer.  I’ll be looking into her work in greater depth when I get back from my trip.

So I’d already happened upon an ancient monument and discovered a new artist.  The day was going well.

I arrived with my friends in Cardiff by teatime and had a lovely evening with the family and some other friends called in to see me too – including a girl I’d babysat when she was five years old (and my daughter was a baby) – with her baby!  That made me feel old!

Miles travelled – 120 (total to date, 449)

Centre of attention - and quite right too

Centre of attention - and quite right too




2 responses

18 09 2009
Sara Hopkins

WHAT a cute ferret!
I liked Stonehenge too. Sad to say that if one could walk in there it might end up covered in graffiti – although I don’t know how they protect it from that now actually. There wasn’t a big crowd the day I went and that helped. You got a nice shot.
Going to Old Sarum near Salisbury is pretty special too – I got there when it was closed & just walked around, no one there but me and a dog…it was actually quite eerie.

19 09 2009

I like the idea of Sean being your guiding voice, don’t let him lead you astray!

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