Day 5 – Wed 16 Sept

18 09 2009

Another day in Cardiff, though still packed with things to do and people to see.  After a quick visit from a friend in the morning, I went for lunch in Cardiff Bay with an old friend from school.  We went to Wagamama’s – never been to one before.  The food was lovely but I’m not sure why there is such a huge fuss about it.  Hype I guess.

Took a chance to grab a self portrait in the big mirrored tower in the Oval Basin before being given a guided tour of The Atrium where my friend works.  Fabulous building.

Babies at this age dont keep still!

Babies at this age don't keep still!

After being dropped back at Eira & Sean’s house I went over to take some photos of the baby I’d met yesterday for the first time.  Had a lovely hour or so chatting with her mum and catching up while I took some shots.  The light wasn’t brilliant but I got a few nice ones.  Still have to go through them properly and sort them out.

Then it was back to my friends’ house again for more catching up before some more friends came around for the evening.  Tonight it was pizza and I waded through the baby photos while Eira pounded away at the dough and we chatted.

Last time I’d been to Cardiff I’d meant to take some head shots of their eldest son, Jack, for his agent (he does some acting from time to time).  It was a bit tricky because the only plain background was against the wall in their garden, but there wasn’t enough room for me to stand far enough away (or at least as far away as I would have liked).  So Jack (over 6ft tall) had to crouch down to get the wall behind him.  He gave me a wink – and I managed to catch it!

I remember Jack being born - and now he towers over me.

I remember Jack being born - and now he towers over me.

More friends around in the evening for more chats and more catching up.  It’s always lovely and relaxed there and it seemed odd to be there for such a short time.  I’ll definitely have to go back for a longer visit soon.

It’s difficult to get an early night when there’s still so much to talk about, but I had a lot of driving ahead on the next day so I did attempt it.  I think I managed to get to bed before 1am this time.  I had plans to head into town in the morning to visit Spillers Records but wasn’t entirely sure I’d make it.  That ‘s the thing with plans  – you shouldn’t always let them interfere with sleep.

Mileage – 0




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19 09 2009

Let us know size + colour + I’ll post you a t shirt. As long as there’s no postal strike.

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