Day 6 – Thu 17 Sept

21 09 2009


I left Eira and headed to Ross-on-Wye where I had planned to take a break.  I parked down a steep hill where there was a pub, with a blackboard which said “Come Inn, Food” – it was bit basic but was right opposite the car.  I popped up to the town for a quick look around and to stretch my legs and didn’t find anywhere I wanted to eat, so decided to come back to the pub.  On the way back down the hill, I checked my mail on the iPhone and it took me to Ross-on-Wifi  – said I could have an hour for free.  I thought I’d check it out in the pub during lunch with the laptop, and maybe update the blog, but when I got there it reverted to BT Openzone which wouldn’t let me log in on the laptop or on my iPhone with my O2 number.  This keeps happening and I should sort it out really.  No sign of Ross-on-Wifi (great idea – but the coverage isn’t complete).

The pub was interesting.  I ordered soup though it didn’t look home-made as the board said – looked very ‘packet’.  Poor teenage girl on the bar didn’t know how to do coffee, the landlady said push the ‘noir’ button on the machine but the cup I got had milk in it.  She tried again – obviously a little milk powder had escaped into it but it wasn’t exactly white so I took pity on her, realising I’d have to ask for sugar and, once that had been produced, a spoon.  Bless.

Spoke with the landlady a little later – she said there was no chance of accessing the Ross wifi because the pub is right at the bottom of the hill.  She’s got a wifi hub set up for the pub but hasn’t had a chance to kick it into action yet.  Pity.

Still, I was wrong about the soup – it was delicious – real mushrooms, lots of garlic and very peppery.  Superb!

Passing through Hereford I was delighted to see some kids beating the crap out of a conker tree – as it should be (see day one’s shock horror).

Cici and Murphy - characters from one of Brendas photo stories from the days when we were in college together

Cici and Murphy - characters from one of Brenda's photo stories from the days when we were in college together

Eventually I found myself driving up the narrow winding roads of Mow Cop in North Staffordshire.  I can’t believe that three years ago I took this same route, but driving a laden Luton van!  I struggled to pass a car on one particular stretch and remembered that it had been the same bit of road where I in the Luton van and a local bus had tried to squeeze past one another.

Arrived at Brenda’s and the three years just fell away.

Miles travelled – 155 (total to date – 604)


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