Day 8 – Sat 19 Sept

22 09 2009
Brenda seeing me off from her balcony - shes dead posh.

Brenda seeing me off from her balcony - she's dead posh.

Left Brenda’s later than planned – about 11.30 – and headed off to Bradford after a breakfast of three oatcakes with cheese.  Was very tired en route – presumably on account of the oatcakes – so pulled over to services for a sit.  Carried on to Nik and Shay’s in Bradford.  I was struck by the lovely bricks – golden coloured but stained black by the heavy industry of the area.  On the way the road rose up over what I assumed were moors  on either side – mostly empty apart from a few buildings, and also not many cars on the road with me.  It felt like I was on my own there.  Nik said it was part of the M62, Saddleworth Moor – the highest (above sea level) stretch of motorway in the country.

Grabbed my daily self portrait in Nik and Shays mirror, surrounded by Aoifes art.

Grabbed my daily self portrait in Nik and Shay's mirror, surrounded by Aoife's art.

Had a wonderful Indian meal – a takeaway from their local Gujurati restaurant which was a welcome change from the usual Bangladeshi/Sylhet fayre I’m used to.  Amazing flavours and such variety.  And, as expected, a warm welcome and great company.  Before I knew it, it was past three o’clock and I was ready to head off again, this time towards Teesside to see Mandy.

I had to stop for a little while at the services and there I finally got around to joining the AA.  I had meant to do it before leaving the island but their site was down the night before I set off.  Had to do it all over the phone and was nearly tempted to go for the monthly payment deal they had which would have given me the tow home option as well, but when she gabbled the terms and conditions at me I queried the bit about services and she confirmed that I had to get the car serviced annually to be eligible for the bit where they pay for stuff to be done if they can’t do it.  No thanks – I can’t afford to get my car serviced, let alone do the stuff they suggest needs doing.  Got basic roadside cover.

Had a lovely hour with Mandy chatting – nice biscuits too! – and was amazed by her incredible collection of dragons.  Soon I was off again, travelling further north. I arrived with Jane in Whitley Bay at around half past eight (I think! – I’m getting behind with these blogs and I’m losing bits – knew this would happen).  On the way I could see the dark figure of the Angel of the North alongside the road but didn’t dare stare at it for too long while I was driving.  Quite exciting though – and it was a little spooky in the dark.  Jane’s mum was staying with her so it was nice to meet her for the first time.  Once again the plan for an early night was thwarted by ‘second wind’ and good conversation.

Didn’t take many photos today – too busy travelling.

Miles travelled – 237, (total mileage – 967)




One response

23 09 2009
Sara Hopkins

Ooh love your photo of Brenda! And I can just imagine the shivers one would get from feeling the Angel of the North there in the dark. Pleasant shivers…

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