Berlin 2009 – Day 1 – Thurs 5th Nov

8 11 2009

Alberto and Alice on the train to Gatwick

The one-year anniversary of my giving up smoking saw me heading for Berlin on a uni organised visit. The trip usually runs in February but was brought forward this year to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. As I remember that time very well (though I wasn’t in Berlin at the time), I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go.

I went to uni as usual in the morning as it was almost on the way. After a morning tutorial and lunch with a friend, I headed off to the train station and met up with my fellow students, Alice and Alberto, along the route to Gatwick airport. In previous years this has been a Graphic Design organised trip but because the tutor who usually runs it had had an illness in the summer, one of the photography lecturers t0ok on the task. The only students from Graphics were us three from the third year and four from the second year. The rest were photography students.

Bit of a mixup at the airport – we weren’t quite sure where to meet etc, but eventually found the lecturer and checked in.  Of course I set the alarm off as I walked through the barrier.  Not sure what caused it – I still had my belt on and I have a steel pin in my ankle.  Got frisked and passed through only to have to wait for my bag which the scanner couldn’t see through because it was so jam packed with stuff that they had to take everything out and run a detector thing over it all.  It was full of cameras mostly and all ok in the end.

We flew at 6pm and Alice and I checked out some things to do and see, including some places to get some decent veggie grub.  Wearrived in Germany around 9pm local time, getting to the hotel about 11pm.  The Hotel Transit is very basic but very clean and the people are great – welcoming and friendly.  Alice and I shared a room with the only other Graphics girl – Lauren, from the 2nd year.

Me on the train - taken with the QuadCamera app on the iPhone




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