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Road Trip - September 2009

This blog was begun to document my travels around Englandshire (with a detour into Wales), staying with friends, meeting far-flung friends just for lunch or tea and a bun, photographing the stained glass windows of Lawrence Stanley Lee, and visiting three of Antony Gormley’s public works of art.

And then it stopped.

It was resurrected to document my week in Berlin for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It will continue for other travels and meanderings.  When they happen.  I hope to continue to document the ongoing collection of the works of Lawrence Lee, and my quest to visit more Antony Gormley works.  I will also add items of interest uncovered during my research into other areas such as my family history and some local history.

I may even pop in from time to time just to muse.

If you have enjoyed reading this far, I would suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog as posts may not be frequent.

One response

9 02 2010
Simon Harvey Williams

Thanks for the link to your blog, I’m going to enjoy reading this and your photos.

Good Vibes


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